930 AM

Frequency Call Letters Moniker Format Owner
930 WKY La Indomable Regional Mexican Cumulus Media

wky-logo-indomableCity of License: Oklahoma City
Power: 5 kw
Website: http://www.laindomable.com
Notes: This station was licensed as WKY on March 16, 1922. It was an experimental station named 5XT before then. It was the dominant top-40 station in the 1960s and 70s (consistently beating then-KOMA-AM 1520).
In the 1980s and 1990s, the station shifted to Adult Contemporary (then MOR), country, then easy listening, Christian adult contemporary then finally settling on talk. From 2000-2002, the station also flirted with sports talk, with two local sports talk shows in the drive time periods.
In 2003, WKY was sold to Citadel after being owned by The Oklahoman Publishing Company since 1928. In the past few years, Clear Channel Radio was operating the station through an LMA. After Citadel’s purchase, WKY shifted to an all-local news/talk operation during the day. Some syndicated programming and local pro sports were broadcast at night. During Citadel’s news/talk days, the station still played some music, with a gospel music and contemporary Christian music shows on Sunday mornings. The station also played Christmas music standards on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. In January 2006, Citadel flipped the station to a simulcast of its Regional Mexican sister station, then on 105.3 FM.
In June 2007, Citadel flipped WKY to all-sports to compliment sister WWLS (The Sports Animal) using ESPN Radio programming and some local programming, making WKY the fifth station in Oklahoma City to go “All-Sports.” WKY went back to Regional Mexican as the La Indomable format and moniker moved from 105.3 FM in January 2008.
There is one really good aircheck of WKY at reelradio.com.
WKY is one of the few stations in nation that’s had the same call letters in its broadcast life. It is also one of the few three-letter call letter stations that still exist. It was the first station in Oklahoma and (although there’s some debate about this) it’s the oldest station west of the Mississippi River.

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Previous Call Letters/Formats:
WKY (Jox 930 — Sports Talk — June 12, 2007-January 7, 2009)
WKY (Regional Mexican [simulcast of KINB 105.3] — La Indomable — January 9, 2006-June 12, 2007)
WKY (News/Talk — Super Talk 930 WKY — March 3, 2003-January 9, 2006)
WKY (Talk Radio 930 WKY, Hot Talk 930 WKY — ??-March 3, 2003)
WKY (Christian Adult Contemporary — AM 930 WKY — Dates Unknown)
WKY (Easy Listening — AM 930 WKY — Dates Unknown)
WKY (Country — Great Country Music, AM 930 WKY — Dates Unknown)
WKY (Adult Contemporary — 93 WKY, AM 930 WKY — 1980-??)
WKY (Top-40 — 93 WKY — 1958-1980)
WKY (Full-service NBC affiliate — 1930s-1958)

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