1520 AM

Frequency Call Letters Moniker Format Owner
1520 KOKC 1520 KOKC – Talk Radio’s New Generation Talk Tyler Media

City of License: Oklahoma City
Power: 50 kw
Website: http://www.kokcradio.com/
Notes: This station has a long history as one of Oklahoma City’s dominant top-40 stations in the late 50s and the 60s (second to WKY).
Even though KOMA trailed in the metro, its 50kw signal boomed across the western half of the United States. The station would routinely advertise concerts in Nebraska and North Dakota to its wide listenership. There are stories that soldiers in the Vietnam War picked up the station in the 1960s and 70s.
In the 80s, KOMA went country, then beautiful music/standards. The station flipped from “beautiful music” to “oldies”on September 23, 1988. Four years later, on June 22, 1992, they began simulcasting on the 92.5 FM frequency, later changing the call letters to KOMA-FM.
In 2002, the station added Bill O’Reilly’s talk show and started running CBS news at the top of the hour, indicating a move to a news talk format. The station was set to switch to news/talk on February 3, 2003. However, the Columbia Shuttle disaster prompted the station to begin news programming on February 1.
In August 2004, Renda shocked the market by changing the call letters to KOKC (formerly held at Guthrie’s 1490 facility since the 50s). The 92.5 frequency adjusted from KOMA-FM to just KOMA (without the -FM suffix).
In 2005, KOKC shifted from a news/talk outlet to mainly a talk outlet (minus the strong news presence). As a talk station, KOKC has mainly languished behind KTOK for the news/talk audience. After Tyler Media acquired Renda Broadcasting’s OKC stations (including KOKC) in 2012, Tyler added some local programming to a mostly syndicated lineup.
In 2015, KOKC’s well known towers in Moore were destroyed by a tornado. These towers stood since the 1940s. Because of the damage, KOKC currently broadcasts on a temporary tower at a lower power.

Audio Archive
KOMA Legal ID Jingle (Feb. 2, 2003) — koma_legal_2003.mp3 (411kb)
KOMA Legal ID Jingle (2001) — koma_legal_2001.mp3 (460kb)
KOMA Jingle For License Plate Contest (1965) — koma_sweeper_1965.mp3 (137kb)
KOMA Legal ID (1965) — koma_legal_1965.mp3 (253kb)

Previous Call Letters/Formats

KOKC (News-Talk 1520 K-OKC — August 27, 2004-March ??, 2005)
KOMA (News/Talk 1520 KOMA — Feb. 1, 2003-August 27, 2004)
KOMA (All Oldies KOMA [simulcast with KOMA-FM 92.5 starting in 1992] – 1988-Feb. 1, 2002)
KOMA (Forty Years of Favorites – Adult Standards – 1985-1988)
KOMA (KOMA Country – Country – 1980-1985)
KOMA (Yours Truly KOMA – Top-40 – 1958-1980)
KOMA (Full Service – CBS Affiliate – 1932-1958)
KFJF (December 24,1922 [other sources say July 14,1923]-1932)

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