1140 AM

Frequency Call Letters Moniker Format Owner
1140 KRMP Heart & Soul 92.1 & 1140 Urban Adult Contemporary Perry Broadcasting

krmp-921-1140City of License: Oklahoma City
Power:  1 kw (day only)
Website: http://okcheartandsoul.com/
Notes: This station was long associated with 100.5 FM before and after it became a rocker as KATT-FM. It simulcast the FM station during the beginning of its run. It moved on to other format, programming urban and then business talk. In 1993, Russell M. Perry, owner of “The Black Chronicle” newspaper bought the station and flipped it to urban. Later, Perry broadcast the “Power Jammin’ 1140” format on then-Clear Channel time-brokered KEBC-AM 1340 at night. However, its weakness was being on the AM dial. After moving in Anadarko country station KRPT (later-KRMP) into the metro and flipping it to urban, the 1140 frequency swapped call letters  with the 103.5 frequency and shifted to an Urban AC direction. The moniker later changed to The Touch 1140 AM.
In 2012, KRMP added a translator at 92.1 (K221FQ), which covers a good portion of the metro and added night coverage for the station. “The Touch” continued initially before moving to “Heart & Soul.” Besides the music programming, the station produced a fair amount of talk programming during the week.
The KRMP call letters stand Russell M. Perry, the station’s owner.

Previous Call Letters/Formats:
KVSP  (Urban, Power Jammin’ 1140 — 1993-2004)
KPRW (Simulcast with Rock KATT-FM – 1993)
KPRW (Business News/Talk – 1991-1993)
KPRW (Urban – 1986-1991)
KVSP (Dates unknown)
KATT (Simulcast with Rock KATT-FM)
KLPR (Country -1946-??)

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