1460 AM

Frequency Call Letters Moniker Format Owner
1460 KZUE La Tremenda Regional Mexican La Tremenda Radio Mexico, Inc.

City of License: El Reno
Power: 500w/137w
Website: http://www.latremendaok.com/
Notes: This station has programmed a regional mexican format for some time. In 2017, KZUE added an FM translator at 97.7 that cover parts of El Reno and Yukon west of the metro.

Previous Call Letters/Formats:
KCAN (Oldies – July 18, 1985-??)
KCAN (Country – K-Can – November 3, 1978-1984 or 1985)
KELR (Format/Moniker Unknown – ??-November 3, 1978)

Brue Beckman on KELR: “In the earliest days, the station was a classic small town station with a general middle of the road music format and religious programs during 9:00am till noon. It did some local sports. Although, it could be heard fairly well in OKC, it really marketed to the communities around El Reno.”

Previous Logos